This film production has urgency:


Some interviews need to be completed now due to terminal prognosis.


Other interviews need to be conducted with survivors and the family members of the deceased.


Since the TMI accident, “There have been no new nuclear plants opened in the United States,” according to the media, but Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s website quietly state that they’re opening plants.


In Tennessee, Watts Bar 2 plans to be operational by June, 2016.


Chernobyl’s “sarcophagus” was built to contain the radioactive reactor and will expire in 2016. A new structure is being built, but won’t be completed until 2017.


Radioactive waste, which included Three Mile Island’s wreckage, continues to be shipped to the Idaho National Laboratory, occupying an area of 890 miles and is located above the Snake River Aquifer.


Fukushima’s radioactive soil sits in 580,000 black bags next to the ocean—a recent storm pulled an undetermined amount into the Pacific. Nearby Japanese fisheries are still closed since 2011.


This film is intended for global distribution and will be produced with both Russian and Japanese subtitles, in addition to other languages.


MELTDOWN will be also provided for the classroom to challenge young minds to think, discuss, and act upon safe, renewable energy sources for our future. A Young Genius Contest will be established.


Marketing opportunities are available at the second “NO Nukes” concert, which will be filmed and included in the movie. For the “green” EXPO to be held prior to the concert, renewable companies and national, “patient-support” organizations and associations to help those diagnosed, navigate their disease and health are being invited to participate.


We may never know the truth, but at least we can ensure a safer world by being more knowledgeable about our choices for energy and stop nuclear history from repeating.


Thank you for your interest.

-The Executive Team


thank you

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JML Films LLC is a professional film company, writing, directing, and producing documentary, short, and now feature films—in addition to TV sitcoms. The founder’s initials JML are also the company’s acronym that stands for Justice, Mercy, and Love, the very ethics determining which films and TV productions to make next. Based in Portland, Oregon, the local crew and cast has filmed in the Pacific Northwest and Colorado, working with other teams in the state where the movie is filmed.


Currently, we’re discussing terms of an investment in this drama, MELTDOWN, based on true events. This feature film will be similar to the movie, Erin Brockovich and The China Syndrome. While entertaining, we aim to educate and encourage discussion and action.


We look forward to speaking with you on how this can be best achieve and mutually-beneficial for both parties.



product placement or integration

Since this feature film will cover the societal and cultural trends of the late seventies and current day, there’s a great marketing opportunity for companies with longevity to be part of this story. From the locals’ favorite snacks, candy, and beer to the classic cars of this time to today plus electronics, athletic apparel and equipment, and furniture and home décor, the history of your company can be presented.


Also, the stark contrast between the today’s modes of communication and what was only available during the late seventies will be used to convey the passage of time over three decades, making this movie visually, an interesting juxtaposition.


We will negotiate the best possible distribution to secure this marketing return for our product placement and product integration sponsors.


We look forward to discussing your marketing needs and how we can deliver your message to our audiences, both the parents, who were teenagers or of college age in 1979 and their adult children of today.

Jill Murphy Long / Executive Producer


970 846 1428



location sponsors

With any artistic endeavor such as a film, we must be frugal without compromising cinematography or story and responsible to our investors and sponsors, so we will look at the tax incentives offered by states that could suffice for the locations desired.


Ideally, the filming of this feature film will take place in Central Pennsylvania, the Colorado Rockies, and on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.


Our location sponsors can expect monetary returns during pre-production, production, and after the release of the film initially in North America and international theatrical distribution. Also, there will be long-term benefits with the popularity of the rental and purchase of DVDs and Blu-rays, online downloading and viewing, and TV streaming of movies at home, in hotels, on cruise lines, and airplanes. This constant need for content on these personal devices will extend the life of this feature film beyond its theatrical release, delivering revenue to our location sponsors, again.


The best possible distribution will be negotiated to secure this marketing return for our location sponsors. We look forward to discussing this marketing opportunity with you.



Jill Murphy Long / Executive Producer

970 846 1428





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