Advisory Board

INTRODUCING THE ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS on behalf of the feature film, MELTDOWN, Based on True Events

Harvey Wasserman / Los Angeles, California

       Harvey Wasserman is a life-long activist and college teacher who speaks, writes and organizes widely on energy, the environment, history, drug war, election protection and grassroots politics.   


As a journalist, Harvey was among the first to report from Central Pennsylvania on human casualties at Three Mile Island.  His 1980 op ed in the New York Times, his co-authored 1982 book KILLING OUR OWN: THE DISASTER OF AMERICA’S EXPERIENCE WITH ATOMIC RADIATION; and his appearances on The Today Show, Charlie Rose, Phil Donahue and other major media shows have helped move the debate about “who died at Three Mile Island” into the core of the global energy dialog.  

Since 1973, Harvey's primary work has been the permanent shutdown of the global nuclear power industry and the birth of Solartopia, a grassroots democratic and socially just, green-powered Earth free of all fossil and nuclear fuels.


He writes regularly for a wide internet audience at sites such as:

Ecowatch, Reader Supported News, TagHollywood, Buzzflash,, and, which he edits. 


His written articles have appeared in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and other major publications worldwide.


Harvey hosts the podcast radio program: Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show at and California Solartopia broadcast at KPFK/Pacifica-Los Angeles.


With a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago and his Bachelor’s from the University of Michigan, both in history, he has authored or co-written twenty books and countless articles, essays, op eds, etc. 


Howard Zinn, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Marianne Williamson, Studs Terkel, Kurt Vonnegut, Bonnie Raitt, Dennis Kucinich, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Ed Asner, Ina Mae Gaskin, Ralph Nader, Greg Palast, Dar Williams and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., are among those who have introduced or endorsed his books.


With Pete Seeger and David Bernz, he co-wrote the “Song for Solartopia” which is featured on the Grammy-winning “Tomorrow’s Children” CD. The “RockyTop” version is by Dana “Cows With Guns” Lyons.


In 1962, Harvey marched at his first demonstration, helping to de-segregate a roller rink in Columbus. In 1966, he briefly met Dr. Martin Luther King on the Meredith March for civil rights in Grenada, Mississippi.


In 1967, he helped found the Liberation News Service, which in 1968 led to the communal organic Montague Farm in Massachusetts, a pioneer in a new generation’s movement against chemical agriculture.


In 1972, Harper & Row published Harvey Wasserman’s History of the United States, introduced by Howard Zinn, a pioneer in a new generation of People’s Histories.


In 1973, Harvey helped coin the phrase “No Nukes” and helped found the global grassroots movement against atomic energy, for which he has spoken throughout the United States, Asia and Europe for more than forty years.  With Dan Keller Harvey co-wrote the award-winning documentary films Lovejoy’s Nuclear War and The Last Resort about the rise of the “No Nukes” movement.  


During 1976 to 1978, he helped coordinate mass, non-violent demonstrations against reactors being built in Seabrook, New Hampshire. 


In 1979, he was part of the legendary Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) and helped produce the “No Nukes” Concerts in Madison Square Garden and sister rally at Battery Park City. More than 200,000 attended in September, just six months after the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island.  He edited the informational booklet that accompanied the gold triple album, which is still available today.


After exhaustive research, Harvey co-wrote with Norman Solomon, Bob Alvarez and Eleanor Walters, KILLING OUR OWN: THE DISASTER OF AMERICA’S EXPERIENCE WITH ATOMIC ENERGY, documenting that people died at Three Mile Island. The book was published in 1982 and is available on Amazon.


In 1990, he became Senior Advisor to Greenpeace USA, for whom he spoke to 350,000 semi-conscious rock fans at Woodstock 2 in 1994. 


In Kiev in 1996, he spoke at the tenth anniversary commemoration of the Chernobyl disaster, and then in Kaliningrad, in the former Soviet Union, where he met with “liquidators” whose lives and health had been sacrificed in the Chernobyl clean-up.


In Central Ohio, Harvey co-founded the Great Blue Heron Alliance that has saved 240 acres of land for a wildlife refuge and other grassroots organizations.  He also helped shut a trash-burning power plant, stop a regional radioactive waste dump, shut a McDonald’s and save the city of Bexley’s Jeffrey Park.


With Dan Juhl, Harvey co-wrote “Harvesting Wind Energy as a Cash Crop,” a guide for farmer/community-owned renewables.


In 2007, Harvey joined with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and Graham Nash to form as part of a successful national grassroots campaign to stop $50 billion in loan guarantees to build new reactors. 


Harvey now edits the and websites, which post his articles and others on nuclear power and green energy. He continues to campaign for a green-powered Earth, against federal funding and all other new nuke boondoggles, against the drug war, and for a system of automatic voter registration and universal hand counted paper ballots—key elements on the road to Solartopia.


On the morning of March 11, 2011, Harvey was among the first on the internet to warn of the long-term impacts of the Fukushima disaster, about which he continues to speak and write frequently.


In the process of moving to California, Harvey has become increasingly involved in the movement to make the state nuclear free, and a global center of renewable energy. 


Since 2004, he has taught history and cultural and ethnic diversity at the collegiate level in Ohio. He hopes to continue with his love of college teaching in the city of lights. Harvey is married with five daughters and ten grandchildren. 


His most recent book, with Bob Fitrakis, is The Strip & Flip Disaster of America’s Stolen Elections: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft.


We are so honored that Harvey has made time in his busy schedule to be part of our “GO Green!” now Advisory Board. We will rely on his nuclear expertise and insight of safe renewable energy sources and innovations to help us help the world make the right decisions from today forward. 


Jill is thrilled to have another author on board, an advocate to stop nuclear history from repeating and who likes research even more than she does, which is apparent by the long list of books he has published and his professional speaking events. We very much appreciate his tireless efforts and impact his words and actions have made to date. 


“This affects all of us” is why we are all here doing what we are doing at MELTDOWN, Based on True Events. 


For a good time, see Pete Seeger, Dar Williams, David Bernz & the Rivertown Kidz sing "SOLARTOPIA!" at


Harvey Wasserman can be contacted at:

614 738-3646


Dr. Barbara Hoffman / Hershey, Pennsylvania

bio to come soon

Greg Silver / Mission Viejo, California

Greg Silver, a civil engineer and geologist, is the president of GMU Geotechnical, Inc., a forty-person engineering consulting firm in Orange County, California.    


Born and raised in Southern California, he attended the University of California at Santa Barbara where he majored in geological sciences and geophysics. Following his undergraduate studies, he obtained his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from California State University Long Beach.   


Currently, Greg serves as an Advisory Board Member to the CSULB School of Civil Engineering and Construction Management. In addition, he serves as a college mentor for “Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano” an organization dedicated to increasing academic opportunity for highly-motivated, underserved students and putting them on the trajectory of a successful college path and supporting the future success of the Hispanic community in California.


Greg has been active his entire life—from backpacking to hiking, skiing, and playing tennis throughout high school and college and now has added mountain biking. He believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy earth, and is a strong supporter of rational environmentalism.


We are very excited to have Greg’s professional background and experience on the board to help us navigate the possible options for a better earth and future. With two daughters and his wife of 31 years, he is helping us accomplish this for them and our families and yours as well.


Greg has known Jill since before she was an author; he supported her efforts then and again, now with the launch of her first feature film.


Jill is thrilled to have another avid skier and mountain biker on the board and hopes to motivate more people to “Go outside and play!” With more individuals and families enjoying nature, it will be easier to see why we need to be respectful of such beautiful playgrounds; both its waterways and its lands.


Greg Silver can be contacted:

949 633 0617

President, M.Sc., PE, GE

GMU Geotechnical, Inc.


Celebrating 50 Years of Dedicated Service

Nicole Maria Guyot / San Clemente, California and Nashville, Tennessee

Nicole Maria Guyot is a holistic integrative nutritionist, sharing information, truths and alternative therapy options for “dis-ease” states and optimal wellness.


She has been passionate about wellness most of her adult life, seeking out and doing much research on her own separate from mainstream media. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental/ Interior Design at California State University Long Beach, but never ended up in this occupation. She married soon after college and immediately jumped in to helping run her husband's dental practice in Orange County and raising their two children. 


About ten years ago, Nicole joined a home-based wellness company where she aligned with many alternatively-thinking practitioners. Since then, she has been able to help many people get healthier by sharing the importance of a good nutrition. “Let food be thy medicine” is what she is actively practicing too with her family, friends and clients.


Nicole also returned to school and received a two-year accreditation from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Many doctors and nurses take this course to learn about wellness that they might have not learned in their years of schooling. 


Along with her husband, they both have opted for a simpler, more meaningful life, away from the rat race. They have purchased a dream property in the Nashville area of Tennessee and branded themselves “The Reverse Pioneers” because most people retire to move to the beach…but they are excited about the future.


Their plan is reside there full time within the next five years. Nicole will manage and operate wellness retreats and farm stays to teach how to live off the land and prepare nourishing food for mind, body and soul. Her passion is to help others reach their fullest potential and find joy in their days: “We should live out loud and live big!”


Nicole is working on her blog: “From Beach to Barn” and we cannot wait for her first post.


We are very excited to have this “wellness warrior” on the board to encourage everyone to be their very best self through the simple act of eating. We also look forward to sharing her simple and healthy recipes plus her words of wisdom on how to relax and recharge.


On a daily basis, there is something that we all can do to feel better and even move better—and in doing so; we will ultimately help the health of the earth, too.


Nicole Maria Guyot can be contacted at:


Saul Daniel Lapidoth / Portland, Oregon

Saul Daniel Lapidoth is a director, editor and motion graphics designer devoted to telling interesting stories through narratives, documentaries and music videos.


Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, he speaks Hebrew and English and has a global perspective that brings a level of societal sensitivity to his work and his local community in Portland, Oregon, where he currently resides with his young daughter.


Saul is a graduate of the Academy of Art University's School of Motion Pictures and Television in San Francisco, where he has developed his skills as a visual storyteller while seeking out ingenuity and innovation.


His work as director and editor on the music video, WAVIP, in collaboration with the Bay Area group, The Coup, was featured at the 2017 Portland Music Video Festival.


We are thrilled to have another filmmaker with an international presence and perspective on board. Saul’s experience on film set and in post-production will be invaluable; especially with his motion graphics design skills and experience.


With nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean since 1945 and today with 450 operating nuclear plants in the world, we live in a radioactive world and need to know how to mitigate our exposure.


Our mission is to increase the awareness of the long-term effects of radiation and the necessity to go green now – for our daughters and our sons — all of our children.


As a dedicated group of fathers and mothers, this team is working the film and also on more ways to be “green” to ensure a better future for them.


Saul Daniel Lapidoth can be contacted at:

917 535 5983

Peggy Stenken Carnahan / York, Pennsylvania

Peggy Stenken Carnahan is an inspirational teacher with more than four decades in the public school system; most recently working with independent liberal arts institutions where her curriculum has been patented and now is implemented statewide.


As a native Pennsylvanian, she was raised in Bucks County, but moved to York County in 1971 to raise her family. After fulfilling teaching career in the public school system, she retired to travel, volunteer for the Salvation Army and teach graduate students part-time for Eduspire, a partner with Wilson College, an independent liberal arts institution based in Chambersburg, PA.


In the years of volunteer service with the Salvation Army of York, Peggy was part of a team responsible for raising over $56,000 for the afterschool program dedicated to helping inner city children.


Her travels during retirement have taken her to numerous states, Canada and Ireland.


Peggy has long held the belief that our world does not have “a spare in the trunk” and we need to reuse, recycle and reclaim as much as humanly possible.


We are thrilled to have this famous educational professional on board with her inspirational style to motivate others to be their very best.


Mrs. Carnahan was Jill’s sixth grade teacher at Stony Brook Elementary, who taught her to speak fast and act upon her convictions. Jill attributes their decades of friendship to why she keeps trying to make a difference.


With Peggy’s organizational skills and ability to see the big picture, this board will do what it sets out to accomplish.


To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the places we will go!” Peggy has and continues to inspire and motivate many to go and do!


Peggy Stenken Carnahan can be contacted at:

717 424 3520

Bryan Lally / Portland, Oregon

Bryan Lally, a lawyer, is a long-time champion of organized labor, fighting for workers' rights as a union business agent in Portland, Oregon. He also works as a freelance writer for business publications and also has had his works of fiction and non-fiction published.  


Bryan hails from Washington, D.C. where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Maryland and his Law degree from Catholic University.


Over the years, he has exorcised his persistent demons by performing stand-up comedy, fronting the chaotic, rock band, Felonious Punk, and acting as a sworn enemy of the status quo.


Jill is thrilled to have another East Coast transplant on the board, who is a lawyer, singer, and also a writer, too. We will need his eagle eyes on our work to make sure we hold the line on the historical dates and times covered in this feature film. Of course, all mistakes are the writer’s; yet since this drama is a narrative film, she figured “a story” will hold the attention of more people than a documentary movie—although that version may be coming soon, too.


This family man, including two dogs and a cat and his beautiful wife and three teens, plus the board will make sure all of the generations are aware of the long-term effects of radiation and why we need to go green now. We’re here to help make tomorrow better and to protect the animals, too. 


Bryan Lally can be contacted at:

503 320 1924

Jill Murphy Long / Portland, Oregon

Jill Murphy Long is the owner and founder of JML Films in Portland, Oregon. She is the writer/director/producer of the feature film, a drama: MELTDOWN, Based on True Events.


She is a filmmaker and screenwriter with the energy and determination to create films that the world needs to see now.  Her narrative illuminates cultural and societal injustices while actively integrating environmental issues worthy of intelligent discussion.


JML Films has first-hand experience with making quality productions through careful allocation of funds in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. The screenwriter, when not writing and directing, produces other filmmakers’ productions. This on-set experience has made her a frugal producer, a succinct editor, and a resourceful and creative production designer. When she returns to her own scripts, she sees and hears what needs to be done to make a great movie even better.


JML is the acronym for Justice, Mercy and Love, the very ethics of which the film company was founded and the deciding factors on what scripts to produce. Independent film and TV productions include: Without WOMEN, 405 Bridge, Space Between (2016 Official Selection of The Director’s Chair Film Festival), ELENA VANCE, Dreamgirl, Art Studio Legacy, Happily Ever After? and FEEDING FATE. The Stairs has been the Official Selection & Winner at 25 film festivals during its festival run in 2016 and 2017. Call Harry is in post and a music video is in pre-production for an Italian “Nora Jones”.


Her comedy, Wedding Belles, was finalist at Scriptapalooza.


Her stage play, MADE IN CHINA, won and was produced at international and national playwright festivals. She has written eight other screenplays and will film in Portland, Oregon, and other cities and countries.


Also, Jill is the award-winning author of the Permission Book Series published by Sourcebooks and is on the collegiate level.adapting two of her novels to the silver screen. She has also taught creative writing and English


Jill was the Creative Director and Owner of The Ad Group in Newport Beach, California and the Creative Director and Partner in Murphy & Watt Advertising in Irvine, California. This filmmaker, author, English professor, and copywriter uses whatever medium needed to start change necessary for a healthier earth and a better future for all.


As an avid alpine skier, mountain biker and road cyclist, she's an advocate for making the right choices for our earth. As a mother, she is intent on making this film to stop nuclear history from repeating. All of her film sets are ‘green’.


Jill is the Executive Director of the Advisory Board for the nonprofit, MELTDOWN, Based on True Events, the feature film and its other, pay-it-forward productions. With the fiscal sponsor, Humanitarian Social Innovations, tax deductions can be offered for all monetary and in-kind donations.


Jill Murphy Long can be contacted at:

970 846 1428



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JILL MURPHY LONG, Screenwriter

Jill Murphy Long is a filmmaker and screenwriter with the energy and determination to create films that the world needs to see now.


Her film company’s initials, JML, stand for the founder’s names, but are also the purpose behind of each production, which is to showcase: Justice, Mercy, and Love. She believes in the power of storytelling and in everyone’s right to live a passionate life, pursuing their dreams.


Her narrative films illuminate cultural and societal injustices while actively integrating environmental issues worthy of intelligent discussion. As an avid skier and cyclist, she's an advocate for making the right choices for our earth, our future, and our children.


Since moving to Portland, Oregon in late 2013 the same year of her brain surgery, Jill has been determined to make movies that matter and has. From short films of three minutes like The Art Studio Legacy and the 30+ cast and crew of Space Between to the two state, six locations films like ELANA VANCE running thirty minutes, she enjoys working as the production’s writer, director, and/or producer.


With more than fifteen films completed, this year holds promise for her feature film, MELTDOWN. To keep fresh, she is producing a few short films like Call Harry in early February and License to Fail as soon as the rain stops in Portland.


Jill loves being on set and even when working as a producer, she learns so much on how to be a better screenwriter. All experiences are a learning opportunity that no school can teach. Life is the true teacher.


She has always worked with words, beginning in Los Angeles as a copywriter and then as the Creative Director of her first ad agency, Murphy & Watt Advertising, which she started at the age of 23 and then The Ad Group in Newport Beach, California.


When Jill relocated to the Colorado Rockies to ski, she continued to work with words, this time as an author with Sourcebooks, publishing Permission to Nap, Permission to Play, and Permission to Party. She also worked ski patrol and taught skiing and creative writing and English at the local college.


Also a bibliophile, Jill has helped other writers to publish as their personal book editor and champion. This list is long and diverse as the authors she has assisted in publishing their words as e-books and audio books. Her novels, The Conduit and Skiing with God, are also available as e-books.


What writing this screenplay has shown this scriptwriter is that you can never ask too many questions or read too many books, articles, or interviews. The truth is there. Sometimes, you just have to dig for a long time, but once you do find it, you have to be the voice for those, who can’t or are no longer here.


This affects all of us.


Jill is a Three Mile Island survivor.


Jill Murphy Long can be contacted at:

970 846 1428

Portland, OR

STEPHANIE MEYER, Research Consultant

Stephanie Meyer is a native to the state of Oregon, born and raised in the Willamette Valley. She began acting classes in 2011 through “Mastering Your Acting” and is currently with them today. Her film work includes: Gone, American Anthem, A Tale of Delight, Managing Payne, Chop Box. TV work experience on set: Grimm, Leverage, and the webisodes to promote the forthcoming TV sitcom Happily Ever After? with Dr. Sid, Therapist to the Stars. 


Stephanie is also passionate about the the Foster Parent Program with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This trust helps preserve elephants in Africa as well as black rhinos by saving them from poaching, starvation, and disease.


When she is not acting or working on set, she loves learning about natural health and history. Stephanie is assisting with the research matters on behalf of the film from development through production and afterwards during post-production for marketing and distribution.


Stephanie Meyer can be reached via email or phone or text:

541 913 3333

Eugene, OR 

SARAH BELLETT, Resource Development Associate

Sarah Bellett has spent more than a decade working in association management, human resources, and retail, fostering meaningful working relationships.


Recently, she has held a variety of roles within the film industry.  Sarah was a producer for the short film Space Between, a production assistant for the short film, Elena Vance, and the costume supervisor for the feature film, Zilla & Zoe and also worked on The Big Pink.


Sarah will be coordinating communications among investors, companies, and corporations interested in product, wardrobe, and location placement and integration, sponsorships, and in-kind donations. Since this feature film spans three decades, there’s an opportunity to showcase the longevity of companies in addition to aligning with our film’s message and concert.


If you or your company are involved with any of the following industries, Sarah Bellett will be happy to email details regarding possible participation in MELTDOWN:  Auto and rental car, “green” alternative energy sources, cancer charitable foundations, neurological charitable organizations, food and beverage, cell phones and laptops, publishing, musicians, film, apparel, women’s apparel, ski clothing, ski gear, ski resorts, universities/colleges, bicycling, media, etc.


Please contact Sarah Bellett to review the script and discuss the possibilities:

812 219-3653

Portland, OR


Kate Cummings is a filmmaker from Helena, Montana, who is currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Recently, graduated from Carroll College, she’s pursuing her dream of becoming a film director by working on independent films throughout the area. Kate loves working in the various aspects of film—from cinematography to writing to wardrobe.


Kate moved to Oregon only a few months ago and she may never leave. The thriving film community, the eccentric and friendly people, and the heightened interest in preserving the environment are all things she never wants to live without again.


Currently, Kate is assisting in the camera department on the feature film and its teaser trailer to be filmed in early January. She has also been on TV set for the webisodes Happily Ever After? with Dr. Sid. Therapist to the Stars, working in wardrobe, props, craft services, and as assistant-to-the-producer. She is very valued on set, be it TV or film.


Kate loves to travel, play with any available dogs, and to sing along with every song she knows, which mostly Broadway hits and 80s music. The last time as we wrapped up the day, Kate belted out a song, which stunned everyone. Who knew she was the next Adele? There might be a position for her as original composer or to sing the soundtrack for MELTDOWN. We’re glad she made the move farther west.


To reach Kate Cummings:

406 461 3860

Portland, OR

EVAN GANDY, Camera Crew/Editor/Sound Mixer

Evan Gandy has a new name on set. He is now known as Evan “I-Got-It” Gandy. From his expertise in sound technicalities on set to sound mixing in post, HMUS, acting, writing, editing, and his camera work, he is always wanted on TV and film productions. There is rumor he also knows how to cook and sew.


With his schedule busy with getting the Elena Vance’s Blu-rays completed in time for Christmas for the filmmaker, he has been involved in many of the JML Films during 2015. When he can get away, it is usually Japan where he lands.


His worldly experiences and time on set is what makes him an invaluable member of the Executive Team. Evan will continue to be actively working on MELTDOWN when filming the teaser trailer in the first month of 2016.


To reach Evan Gandy:

503 545 8322

Portland, OR

BRIAN PETERSEN, Camera Crew/Special Effects

Brian Petersen likes to film in cemeteries, at least that’s where we first found him and then talked him into helping with the movie, Space Between, also shot in another cemetery. And it wasn’t hard to convince him. As a tough guy in bad weather, he was one of the few left standing when temperatures in November dipped into the 20s. Known for his quick solutions on set or even before in development, Brian is knowledgeable about all things cameras.


He is also a talented illustrator and editor.


He will be assisting with special effects and in the production of the trailer for MELTDOWN. We look forward to having Brian on the tarmac to film—and this time in chilly January.


To contact Brian Petersen:

503 704 8177

Portland, OR

KIM HOYER, Environmental Advocate/Actor

Kim Hoyer is a huge advocate for sustainable living and protecting Gaia, our Mother Earth. She has worked for Friends of the Earth and knows protecting its precious resources needs to be our number one priority.


Active in the health and fitness industry for more than eighteen years, she is also passionate about helping others. As a teacher and a student herself, she had adopted a holistic approach to living fully in mind, body, and spirit and through her daily words, actions, and thoughts.


Kim knows the power of positive intention, positive affirmations, and creative visualization. You can create a life of your dreams.


Involved with local theater, short films, and commercials, she recognizes the power of film and television and believes it is one of the best ways to educate while creating a lasting impression.


This actor loves storytelling and challenges herself and others, asking “If your life was a movie, how would you want your character to act?" and "How would you want your movie to play out?”


Recently, she played the role of a 1979 newspaper reporter in the proof-of-concept trailer. Look for her in the retro yellow dress when it is posted on the film's website and YouTube Channel.


We are very happy to have Kim’s previous, business-to-business sales experience on the executive team, and of course, her contagious laugh and creative energy on film set.


Please contact Kim Hoyer about investment opportunities: 

971 506 9889

Portland, OR

EVE WHITE, Production Design/HMUS

Eve White has worked for more than a decade as a professional, makeup artist and stylist (HMUS). As a “green” beauty expert and educator, she prides herself on using organic and clean, vegan, cruelty-free makeup and skincare. Art, creativity, fashion, style and beauty do not have to include harming the environment or ourselves at any cost.


Her desire to create compassionate art and deliver work beyond clients’ expectation has kept her dedicated to her craft and very busy on exciting productions.


Eve’s published works include editorial hair and makeup in the international travel and culture publication, Driftwood magazine. She is also the Style Editor. This opportunity to work on a creative team with other artists is always gratifying.


Throughout her career, Eve has worked backstage at many fashion shows. Most recently, she worked at Fashionxt Portland with Carrie Strahle Artistry. Also on set several times in 2015 with a cast of ten for the filming of the TV pilot of Happily Ever After? She will be on set, again this year.


She will be working with JML Films later in the year as they gear up for the feature-length film, Pink Boots & Brew: The American Tour. This docu-drama will be about women in the craft beer industry and the men, who love them—and their ales.


Eve will be assisting with production design and wardrobe. She is also a social media whiz and very good at connecting people. We are so thrilled to have Eve’s warm energy and great creativity on all of our productions.


To discuss product placement and including your location in the film, please contact Eve White:

503 956 1488

Portland, OR

CORY CROUSER, Graphic Artist/Actor

Cory Crouse initially answered a casting call and made the mistake of telling me that he is a graphic artist and a photographer, too—in his spare time.


Not only did I cast him in Call Harry, I wrangled him into creating our logo for our marketing materials for the film. His logo is great and bold and exactly what we needed for our film’s poster, postcards, business cards, website…


Did I mention Cory is a great actor, too?


We look forward to having him on board and on set with any of the JML Films productions. He’s a class act, but most people, who hail from the mountains are. Cory attended college in Montana. As it turns out he attended with fellow actors Dana Shea and Kate Cummingham. We hope he stays in Portland, but then again, we will be filming all over the world.


If your film production needs a great actor and/or graphic design, please contact Cory Crouser:

LEEANNE LOWRY Extras Coordinator / Camera Operator

LeeAnne Lowry was born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas. She attended Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and earned a B.F.A. in Digital Filmmaking in 2015. Since then she has worked for, Citizen Jane Film Festival, and various freelance film projects.


LeeAnne will be bringing her mad organizational skills to the film production. She will be working in the casting department to communicate with the many extras, who have expressed an interest in being part of this movie that matters to many. Along with the West Coast Executive Team and working directly with the screenwriter, she will assist in getting this film funded.


With her camera and the willingness of Portland’s great extras, we will be creating more teaser trailers to promote the film. Email LeeAnne if interested in touring Hanford Nuclear Storage Facility, sushi restaurants, and going to the beach to film.


Currently, LeeAnne is co-writing a comedy series called REUNITE PANGAEA. This teen comedy has been evolving for almost two years, and she hopes to pitch it to major studios by the end of 2016. She and her partner relocated to Portland, Oregon for new experiences and opportunities. Together, they are creating a freelance media organization called Female Gaze Media, creating their own micro-short films and speaking out about inequality in the industry.


We are thrilled to have this film graduate on board.


LeeAnne Lowry can be reached via email, phone, or text:


Portland, OR

LUCAS C. OSPINA Storyboard Artist / Camera Operator

Lucas C. Ospina recently moved to Portland, Oregon after graduating from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts where he studied Film and Video Production as well as Film Theory and History. For a culminating undergraduate project, Lucas researched the history of the United States’ satellite surveillance program, a topic that seemed to connect to everything from drones to nuclear energy. This work culminated an installation piece that combined video, text, digitally-modified imagery, and maps.


Much of his research took place in Colorado near the Rockies where he grew up. His college was also not far from the site of the Vermont Yankee, the now closed reactor in Vernon, Vermont. Lucas had followed the news of its decommissioning since 2012.


Being familiar with this type of research and being passionate about the dangers of nuclear energy, he’s very excited about being involved with MELTDOWN, especially the blending of narrative fiction and non-fiction that the movie is based upon.


“This film seems like a really amazing combination of testimonial, investigative, and activist work.”


He has a lot of experience doing independent research, social media advertising, and with pre-production planning. While in college, Lucas also wrote and edited promotional and internal copy. The screenwriter of this film is very happy to have another writer on the team.


Lucas will be working on his first feature film, MELTDOWN, Based on True Events, and will be on set as we create more teaser trailers.


When not filming, he will be busy illustrating the storyboards for this movie. These panels will be posted on social media to allow our sponsors, investors, cast, crew, extras, and you, our audience to see the film prior to its premiere on the silver screen. Thank you for patiently waiting for the film.


Both Executive Teams are very excited to have Lucas on board. Art coming soon!


To contact Lucas C. Ospina about helping as crew with the teasers, please email:

303 828 7049

Portland, OR


 Caroline Miller is a recent graduate of Penn State University where she spent her time learning the “ins-and-outs” of the film world. During her studies, she had the opportunity to work on numerous film sets as well as direct and shoot two shorts of her own.


There's A Catch is her documentary movie that juxtaposes opposing views on the conservation of whales in Iceland.


Radiant is an experimental/narrative that tells the story of a girl, who changes the reality around her through a mixture of live-action video as well as light painting photography. Radiant was selected as a semi-finalist in this year’s Student Academy Awards.


Both films were featured in this year’s Blue and White Film Festival.


When she wasn’t working on set, she was assisting students in the editing lab with their films. 

With determination to create a path for herself within the industry, she moved from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles shortly after graduating internship with independent film distributor Gravitas Ventures. 

While the internship is wonderful, Caroline is excited to be a part of the MELTDOWN team and contribute her effort and energy to help create a film with a story that must be told. for


We are thrilled to have another PA local on the film and excited to know she is just down the road in LA now!


Caroline will be editing our Pacific Coast teaser. Stay tuned.


To contact Caroline Miller, please email

Los Angeles, California 

Cristina Oliva Patrick / Social Media Manager

Cristina Oliva Patrick was born in Rome, Italy. As a little girl, she watched Hollywood movies, dreaming of and falling in love with actors on the silver screen. Her desire for a deeper knowledge of cinema led her to further research the seventh art. She was always surrounded by inspiration and creativity, working in the art world in Rome with her dad, a professional artist. 


Cristina received her Master’s degree in Cinema at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Her film taste soon broadened to include more independent material and her new interests led her to co-host Effetto Notte, a TV talk show about films.


As a young film critic in Rome, she immersed herself in the festival scene attended the International Rome Film Festival and Asiatica Film Mediale.


Several years ago, she escaped the Roman sunshine to come to Portland, Oregon, and continues to pursue her goals, working at the Northwest Filmmakers’ Film, Festival Cente Festival, Portland International Film Festival, POWFest, The Power of Women in Film, Italian Film Festival, H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.


Cristina has also been singing from a very young age and sang for a couple of years in a jazz band. Recently, she has been writing her own songs and producing originals. Her genres are R&B, pop, hip hop and jazz. Fans compare her sultry voice to Nora Jones. We hope that she keeps singing and will compose a love song for the couple in the film.


Busy in her new city, Cristina was the script supervisor for Claudio Costa and has produced the short movie Cartography. She also collaborated with the Art Council in Lake Oswego to plan exhibitions from start-to-finish and handled their social media.


Currently, Cristina is the film’s Twitter pro and organically adds new followers each and every day. The West Coast Executive Team is very fortunate to have such an international and multi-talented member as part of the Portland office.


Cristina Oliva Patrick can be contacted at:

503 806 3448

Portland, Oregon


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east coast affiliates

STACEY GRIFFITHS, Producer / Investors & Sponsors Relations / Props Procurement

Stacey Griffiths was born in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and lived there during Three Mile Island. Later, she moved to the peaceful mountains of Dillsburg to marry and raise a family of three kids, three dogs, and a cat. Throughout her life, she has done extensive research on Three Mile Island and has been an advocate for change after what happened in 1979. 


She and her family have experienced firsthand the long-term, health effects of TMI and so have many of their friends, who still live in the area. She has lost several family members and many friends to cancer.


Stacey battles several autoimmune diseases, has nodules on her thyroid, and just had glaucoma surgery, which doesn't run in her family.


Her daughter is a survivor of a long leukemia battle. This mother wishes for a clean, healthier earth for her children!


“Meltdown is much more than a movie to me. It is not only about TMI, but about coming together to make a difference in the lives of all the children”.


She is married to her high school sweetheart and is a busy mother of twin college-age boys and a teen daughter, also caring for three dogs on beautiful forested parcel of land. Stacey is a huge nature lover at heart and respects the earth and all living creatures. She loves organic gardening, aromatherapy, camping, writing, music, art, dogs, and being with her family.


An avid lover of researching, buying, and selling antiques, she has been the owner of Stacey’s Sweet Scents since 1988. She was a successful, account executive with Sprint Publishing & Advertising for a decade prior to raising her family. As a former, Fine Arts major at Kutztown University, she will be an asset in the props department. 


Stacey has worked with many of the businesses in the Central PA area throughout her career and is able to bring her experience to the table for this film.



If you have any household items, luggage, landlines, particularly wall landlines, or classic cars from the 1970s or earlier, please email Stacey photos and your contact information to:



Stacey wants to talk to local businesses, too. Since the film starts in 1979 and continues up to current-day, this can be a great opportunity to show the longevity of your company and products.


Please email to receive the film’s Investors & Sponsors Prospectus.


We are also graciously accepting donations to fund this film.


Please contact Stacey Griffiths to discuss these opportunities:

717 574 9382

Dillsburg, PA

MICHELE WILLIAMS, Creative Consultant/Photographer

A Pennsylvania native, who has lived in Los Angeles, New York City, and Dallas, currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In 2011, she created to express and offer photographic images of her travels “on the path”. This rustic and bucolic setting fosters Michele’s creativity as she enjoys the beauty and nature of her surroundings. She will be assisting with photographic research and permissions of artistic and historical images.


Her former background as an advertising executive and Silver EFFIE award recipient in NYC sharpened her strong “out-of-the-box” thinking and strategic planning skills. These talents bolstered with a passion for the environment, while promoting awareness, have allowed her to consult, fundraise, volunteer, and advocate on many social issues for non-profit organizations more than twenty years. This list includes: National MS Society, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, LMT Historic Preservation Board, and A Woman’s Place to name a few.


This Pepperdine University graduate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Minor in Art. Currently, she is attending Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. Her academic concentration is law, advocacy, and social policies—all which fit in perfectly with JML Films’ principles of writing and producing movies that matter.


Her personal interests include a daily dose of meditation, yoga, and listening to all genres of music. She finds emerging new artists at local music festivals and concerts and will be actively setting up concerts prior for fundraising opportunities. Michele will also be very instrumental in the coordinating of the concert to be filmed for the movie.


Michele is a Three Mile Island survivor.


If you are interested in performing, please send demo reel and availability to Michele Williams:

215 859 7460

Bucks County, PA


Steven M. Nesbit discovered his love of the arts early in life. His first role on stage occurred when he was in third grade; he portrayed a crow. Unknown to his mother, he volunteered her to make all of the costumes. In fourth grade, he was introduced to instrumental music. He played the trumpet, which continued through high school and into college. During his freshman year in college, he had a full-tuition music scholarship even though he was a physical educational major.


“I feel so blessed to have been able to juggle my two passions throughout life – even yet today,” Steve said.


A seasoned veteran of more than fifty stage productions, Steve worked every facet of theatre production from children’s theatre to educational and community theatre. He was the driving force of The Andromeda Players where he acted, directed, and produced the operations of two, dinner/theatre facilities. He originated the character of Candy Dan for Wolfgang’s Candy promotional video, which is still used as Wolfgang’s logo today in York, Pennsylvania.


Steve also worked with the Pennsylvania Division of Film Promotion and was instrumental in placing three, company members in the cast of the Emmy Award-winning, CBS Movie of the Week, Playing for Time, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Jane Alexander.


After transferring back to Pennsylvania’s West Chester State College, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications and earning an Instructional II Certificate in Communications to teach English, Writing, Speech, Theatre, and the Non-Print Media (TV, Motion Pictures, and Radio).


In 2000, Steve earned his Master’s Degree in Education at the Penn State University.


After five years of research and two years of writing, Steven published the only authenticated biography of Repin Academy’s classically-trained Russian artist, Ivan Garikow in June, 2013. Hudojnik, The Life and Art of Russian Artist Ivan I, is available on Amazon, the Garikow website, and as a Kindle e-book. Steve believes that Garikow’s legacy is extremely important to art history as he survived four years as a prisoner of war and when freed, became the most popular painter in Salzburg, Austria before coming to America.


Steve taught thirty-two years at Central York School District and twelve years at York College. Throughout the 1990s, he wrote feature stories for The York Dispatch and the Lancaster Sunday News.


In 2010, he moved back to his hometown and began writing for his hometown paper, The Dillsburg Banner. During his four years with The Banner, he wrote two short columns, Seasonal Seasonings and Only in America. His monthly feature, Where Are They Now? an alumni feature about former students from Northern High School is in the process of being published.


Steve is thrilled to be working on this feature film that will have an impact on many, but working with Jill Murphy Long is extra special because when she was sitting in her seventh-grade, English classroom her teacher was Mr. Nesbit.


This is all very good news for the crew on MELTDOWN because we never know when we might need a stand-in for a crow, back-up on wardrobe, and a trumpet player on the spot! In all seriousness, we are very excited to have another writer on board with such depth of experience, and in particular, Steve’s additional time on stage and with working with actors.  


If you are interested in participating in MELTDOWN as an investor, sponsor, actor or extra, please talk with Steve. Queries from press are also invited to contact Steve Nesbit:

717 502 6556

Dillsburg, PA


P.S. Mr. Nesbit is one of the reasons that I became a writer.

ROBERT MOTT, Camera Crew/Location Scout

Robert Mott, also known as “Bob” to his friends in Film is an Instructor of Mass Communication Education at the York College at Pennsylvania. He teaches Advance Production, Video Production, and Nonlinear Edi1ng while researching aspects of post-production such as 3D Video.


His time lapse video of Three Mile Island is the background image on the home page for MELTDOWN’s website. {Great work, Bob and thank you!}


Accolades and honors from his peers have been many including the areas of Production, Aesthetics, and Criticism. He has also held the positions of Division Chair, Vice-Chair, and Festival Chair for the Broadcast Educators Association.


Bob is the type of person, who leads by example for both his students and for others, who want to work in this industry. He gets out there with his camera and we’re very glad he continues to do so.


Bob graduated from Messiah College, receiving his Bachelor’s degree, and then completed his Master’s at Regent University.


Bob Mott can be contacted at:

York, PA

JANET VASTINE KIRCHNER, Research Coordinator

Janet Vastine Kirchner comes to us from small town America and the home of Three Mile Island: Middletown, Pennsylvania. 


Recently retired from AT&T, working first as a Team Manager and then as a Methods & Processes Manager of Policies and Procedures for a total of nineteen years with the company, her ability to give care to detailed situations and problem solving will support our efforts.


As a native of Middletown, she is very interested in the long-term effects of TMI.


Janet will be vetting local, Central PA residents and businesses for their participation and support of MELTDOWN.


If you are interested in being an extra in the movie, can provide a location sponsorship, and/or want to discuss product placement or integration, please call or email Janet.


We are so thankful to have her as one of our East Coast Affiliates.

Please contact Janet Vastine Kirchner for details:
717 805 0975

Middletown, PA

CHRISTINE LAYMAN / Assistant-to-the-Filmmaker

Christine Layman is a native to Central Pennsylvania. She has witnessed first-hand the destruction that accidental and deliberate leaks from a nuclear power plant that has caused to many—including herself. In 2010, Christine was diagnosed with Stage Three Melanoma. She was told her odds of surviving two years was bleak. She is tough and a fighter.


Christine has watched as her family, friends, and neighbors with cancer and neurological diseases passed too soon. This has put her on a mission to show what damage and long-term affects nuclear power plants have on our world.


An avid nature lover, who enjoys biking, hiking, camping, and mostly anything to do with the outdoors, Christine is fierce in her determination to stop nuclear history from repeating. She believes that we all have the right to live without the fear of radiation poisoning. She wants to protect our waterways and our lands.


As a mother of four and a grandmother of three, she wants a safer world for them and for all of our future generations.


Her previous experiences as a recording engineer for Susquehanna Broadcasting and secretary of the local police department will assist us in the research, interviewing, and data collection required of this feature film. Since Christine enjoys meeting and talking with people, she will be a natural at this.


Christine is a Three Mile Island survivor.


We are very fortunate to have Christine with us and on our side.


To talk to Christine Layman about how you or your family has been affected by Three Mile Island, email or call:

717 881 4405

Manchester, PA

HANNAH RIALS / Production Assistant

Hannah Rials is currently attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to complete her degree in English, although she is already on her way. Her first novel will be published in 2016.


Since Hannah is an enthusiastic and hard worker, she will be able to keep up with the filmmaker. Her skill set of being reliable, versatile, highly organized, and capable of managing multiple projects at the same time will pay off ten-fold before and during filming. Her internship with JML Films will be quite busy.


While attending college, she served as a Teaching Assistant to an after-school, creative writing program for underprivileged children in the city of Chattanooga. In addition to juggling her academics, this writer is a freelance columnist at Audrey Press since 2013. She has also worked as a columnist for a local newspaper as a book reviewer of Young Adult books.


This past year at the University, Hannah started the creative writing club, Chattanooga Writer’s Society, for all majors, and which is sponsored by the English Department.


In her spare time, she has compiled a long list of volunteer experiences. Hannah organized a fundraising event, Kids Helping Kids: Battle of the Bands, for New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center’s 10th Anniversary. She successfully conducted a book drive to benefit Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay, New York. Their children’s section was destroyed by Hurricane Irene, so her efforts permitted both books and monetary contributions to be sent to rebuild the children’s section. She has also hosted an event for mentally- and physically-handicapped adults—now an annual event.


Hannah’s first novel, Ascension, which will win the inaugural Invincible Award, is being published by Audrey Press under their new imprint, Aletha Press. Her first short story, “Happy Trails,” is being published by the University of Tennessee’s literary magazine in its spring 2016 edition.


We look forward her applying creative thinking and writing and positive attitude on set and now—leading up to production.


To reach Hannah Rials, please email:

Maryville, TN

ANNA BAIR, Camera Crew/ Production Assistant

Currently, Anna Bair is a student at Temple University, studying Film and Media Arts with a focus in screenwriting. She is expected to have her Bachelor’s degree in August.


During her years at Temple, Anna has been a teaching assistant in a camera operation class. She taught students how to operate a Steadicam Pilot as well as various drone models. She also worked as an ambassador for the film department and spoke to young women about becoming a part of Temple’s film program.


Anna has been a production assistant on the film set of many student films, doing work with lighting, scheduling, craft services, and location scouting. She was accepted into Temple University’s Los Angeles Study Away Program and will be spending this summer completing a development internship in LA.


To reach Anna Blair, please email:

(717) 695-1810


Passionate Perspective Photography



Candy Delaney has love of peeling paint, crumbling walls, and abandoned spaces. In her photography, she is both the model and photographer in much of her work. Her artistic vision is to capture the composition and story in camera. She considers herself a self-portrait, conceptual photographer.


After identifying a location, she begins conceptualizing the story to be told, collecting the wardrobe and props. Once on location, she shoots, capturing her pre-conceived work first; then she lets the property speak to her, taking in other possible storylines that present. Candy finishes by taking shots that document the soon-to-be forgotten abandoned building, house, car, or other structure that man made, but nature will take.


Candy’s creative eye and expression is already greatly appreciated on the production of the film. Currently, she’s working with another professional photographer to honor and recognize the good people of Central Pennsylvania, who have been affected. Her work has also been showcased on the film’s social media and with our fiscal sponsor, Humanitarian Social Innovations’ website.


Being a savvy technology pioneer, she documented her journey and quickly built a following of people interested in her photo abandonment artistry.


Her creative journey into this world of photography emerged from her love of fashion and art combined with the beauty of decay. As a teenager, she did some modeling and never liked turning over the full artistic vision to someone else. Photography allowed her to actualize creative energy that sat waiting to be tapped and her passion led her to create an amazing body of work.


Candy has won numerous awards. Her photography was published in national magazines and shown regularly at Metropolis Collective, and exhibited in juried shows. Her work has also opened at solo, gallery exhibits. She is hired to do event photography and creates heirloom pieces while documenting the day.


This inventive photographer is always learning and always pushing the boundaries of what is expected and experienced through her camera’s lens.


As a 17 year old in March of 1979 when TMI experienced a partial meltdown, Candy feels emotionally connected to this scary moment in her young life. Recently, she began creating conceptual fine art telling her own personal story. Her family fled to her grandparent’s home in Springfield, Massachusetts, yet she remained fascinated by what was happening back in Harrisburg. Her family was interviewed by the nightly news and as a result of Candy’s conceptual images that featured TMI; she became involved with the film as an executive team member and will be the “behind-the-scenes” photographer when filming.

Candy’s goal is to create powerful imagery to enhance the story of how TMI impacted so many lives. Her photographic, fine art work is her life’s journey and speaks to the personal legacy of each person, who lived through these unsettling days.


Originally from New England, Candy relocated to Harrisburg in high school. As a middle school science teacher by profession for 24 years, she resides in Hershey with her husband. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University and Master’s degree of science from Lebanon Valley College.


Candy Delaney can be contacted at:


Hershey, PA

ANDREW MANGUM / Documentary Photographer

Andrew Mangum is a portrait photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. His work takes a documentary format, exploring the human condition through the study of physical and social landscapes. Through medium format of film, he evokes a sense stillness and space.


His exceptional portraits include his personal work and those photos taken for non-profit organizations and editorial assignments. His photography portfolio is also a result of his extensive travel, too. Andrew’s work has been published in The New York Times, Curbed, The Sun Magazine, and the Baltimore City Paper. 


To see Andrew’s portfolio, please visit:


We are very excited to have Andrew’s critical eye and creative talents on several projects underway with the production of MELTDOWN, Based on True Events.


Receive updates about Andrew’s work and where he’s traveling to next:

Sign-up for my newsletter!


Andrew Mangum can be contacted at:


Silver Spring, MD

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